Being Dad In the Storm

Being Dad In the Storm

The Storm comes quickly but…

 Dad In the Storm

Life Goes On…

This is what we say about life when the skies grow evermore gray and the cloud of doom lurks at our door.


But speaking as a dad I know just how much we want our perfect life. If there was ever anything else but success, we feel imperfect, and that is not acceptable.

Failure is not an option.”

We’ve had it all figured out. The plans we started making when we were young cannot fail. Think of what people will think of us if we do.


I Cannot Fail…

Troubled Dad

Perhaps the hardest thing about failure as a dad is the struggle with the unknown. We want to fix things right away. We feel powerless in the circumstances we are experiencing.


We want to fix things but the barrage of waves continue with a crashing cadence that is deafening in the dark.


I know because I have experienced this as a dad too. And it is going to be okay.


Being a dad resonates within our heart and soul and the very core of who we are. And that core portrays who we are inside.


It is true what they say- That life goes on.

The only unfortunate thing about life going on is whether you abandon ship or not.

What is in you core?

Does the bombardment and crashing in the midst of the storm make you stand firm in your faith and arise to the occasion. Does it flare your nostrils and your intention to stand firm in your faith?

The sacrificial dad dies to self.

Some dads feel the personal need to fend for themselves and fall into the temptation to flee for the hills leaving yet another broken family without a leader. It is your pride and your fear of what will happen to “you” that will become overpowering as you dad, give into self.

The selfish dad rises to self.

I have personally witnessed too many dads failing family. Some were dad’s mere choice of leaving the family for infidelity. Some were when the dad simply was not spiritually prepared to stand in the gap and let the power of God work in the midst of the storm.

Being Dad In the Storm is not going to be easy and you can’t do this on your own.

You have to start preparing for your life’s storm now!

Whether the storm that you are in comes from a poor decision that you have made, bad health circumstances, or from a financial hardship, you can make it through this.

We have to intentionally sail the ship right into the eye of the storm. We cannot abandoning ship.

It is a hard blow to have to go through these circumstances whether they are from a poor decision we have made or not. Unfortunately some things happen that are completely out of our control.

Whatever the storm you are going though, the most important thing you can do for you and your family, is to be Dad In the Storm.

It is during the hardest times that who you are will come forthright.

You can make it through this storm dad. Take the ship’s wheel.

It will be okay.

Dad and Family

Stand firm in your faith and put on the “Whole Armor of God”.

The Whole Armor of God. Ephesians 6:10-18