Daddy’s Little Girls- What YOU Mean to Me

My Sweet Girls

My Sweet Girls

If I could capture a moment in time it would be the day that I celebrate my love for my girls and the privilege that it is for me to be called Daddy by them.

Each year we load up in the car and go to our annual “Daddy Daughter Dance” hosted by Circle Christian School.

It is a special time for us to celebrate the relationship that we have and to shake it out on the dance floor. Its not about how you dance, but rather that you get to dance and celebrate each other.

For me it is a time to pause and reflect on the passed year and re-evaluate my relationship with my girls and to set new priorities. I am reminded each year how fast time is going, how little time that I have left with them, and just how much they need their Daddy.

They don’t think about my inabilities, my imperfections, or my provision    (I am so happy about that) they just want to celebrate their relationship with their Daddy.

The fact that they have a Daddy that is there for them, a Daddy who gives them security, affection, and treats them with a loving hand and kind words means the world to them. What they celebrate is that they have a Daddy who would do anything for them that will help build up a morale character development and that helps them to eventually become a Godly woman that fears the Lord.

Psalm 31:10 

Charm is deceitful, and beauty is vain,

but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.

My time with them is precious. The two hour dance time that we have flies by like the years have. But there is no time to look back for there is a lot of building yet to be done.

The most important thing for me in the moment while we all melt together on the dance floor for that one last song “Butterfly Kisses”, is to always remember whose that they are, they belong to the Lord. I only have them for a short while. And as I slow dance with them in the darkness of the room, with those bittersweet tears quietly rolling down my cheek as I pray over  them, I thank God for the blessing of “Daddy’s Little Girls.”

I Love You Kaitlyn and Mandy. You mean the world to me. “Sign Sign Sign.”

"Pumpkin Noodle" Mandy

“Pumpkin Noodle” Mandy

"Sweet Princess" Kaitlyn
“Sweet Princess” Kaitlyn