Do These Three Things For A Positive Prayer Life

Ephesians 6:18 “Pray in the spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the saints.”


I once realized how much my prayer life had been lacking. This realization was hard for me for what I had been missing with God.

A family that prays together, stays together..

A family that prays together, stays together.


Missing what “could have been” according to God’s plan is a big deal. Especially whenever it wasn’t just me, it was my whole family too.


Being a husband and father is a big deal and I felt that I wasn’t preparing them enough for battle.


I made a decision to not miss out on His plan any longer. And I decided to not let my wife and family down in hat way again. We had all been missing a much richer and more meaningful walk with God.


Regarding my past prayer life, most of it was prayer on the fly, which is okay too but not when you don’t have that quiet time with God that you really need when you are truly seeking him. When I watched the video below by Francis Chan, it made me think a lot about myself.


The truth is that most of the time as I prayed  I was merely going through the motions. It became very ritualistic. I would almost say the same things when I prayed.


When God’s word revealed  to me how to really pray, I then did a lot of searching and asked God about how my prayer life had been.


As I have taken my prayer life with Christ more seriously now and totally relinquished myself to Him, letting the spirit fill me and pour out of me, I become less and He becomes more. During this time when I pray I am literally praying with the spirit inside of me. It is an amazing feeling.


Improve your prayer life and improve y walk with God.


There are three things that have truly helped me in my prayer life and my walk with God.


The first thing is that I have found the way to consistently fellowship with the spirit is through daily devotion. For me to meditate on God’s word and daily ask the Holy Spirit to fill me. Let Jesus fight the battle and let Jesus have victory over the strongholds in my life. To be more intentional in everything that I do. Dig deeper into God’s word. It’s not about how much I read, it is however, about how I read. And that everything I need is in the Bible. God’s love letter is written to me and to you directly.


The second thing is that I have found to help develop your prayer life is to develop your own prayer journal. This is a journal that will help you to organize your personal life and also your prayer life. And as you journal, keep a separate page for what God is saying to you through reading the scriptures. And you can also keep a log of what you are saying to God in return.


In doing this, you can then look back over time to see how God has worked in your life. How you may have been struggling with something and how much God moved through the situation. How God provided healing, or provided for a need that you or someone else may have had.


The third thing is to have a prayer partner. It is a hard thing to have a prayer partner at first. But it needs to be someone you feel you know and trust. When you pray about it, God will reveal who that person is.


Please take a few minutes to watch this video below on the very subject of prayer. It spoke volumes to me.


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