Ironclad Dad

“In life you are either going into a crisis, coming out of a crisis, or about to go into a crisis.”


As a father, it is sometimes challenging to manage everything that needs to be done. The man of the house needs to be the husband, the father, the provider, the spiritual leader, among many other titles.

You sometimes wonder when you will be able to do the things that you want to do. Golf on the weekend. Fishing with your buddies. Or just hanging out with the guys and away from the house.

There is a purpose behind this madness. It is about your family and not you. You were called to a higher standard that God has for you, and not what you want for you.

I know you need to get away at times, life can get really tough. And as if the normal wear and tear isn’t enough, you have just been hit by a fast ball right in the gut.

Just when you thought you had everything all lined up and set on cruise control, you have been over taken by a life crisis event.

No matter what you are going through friend, there is only one way through it. You see, God saw the fast ball way before you. He is the one that allowed it in the first place. And although you may not understand right this moment, in time he will reveal his purpose.

God has a way of using all things according to his purpose. How you handle the circumstances you are given is a true testament to your faith.

Stand strong. Be an Ironclad Dad. You are the strong link in your marriage, and in your home where  it can come together stronger or it can all be blown apart.

How will you handle what life has dealt to you? The blow no matter how hard, will either cripple you, or enable you. You can choose to buckle under when you get that bad news about your health or you lose your job, or you can choose to be remembered for eternity as the one who exemplified Christ as you stood in the trenches and continued to strengthen your faith and your walk with God.

You will be remembered for your Ironclad Faith of your lack of faith.

You can hold your family together in a crisis. 

Don’t wait until a crisis comes to act. You wouldn’t leave the doors in your house unlocked until the burglar show up and then try to lock them. So neither should you act as the spiritual leader in your home only when a crisis arrives.

Lead your wife and family in such a way as to have them all prepared for whatever storms may come.

Don’t become another statistic of divorced families that are crippling our youth and society today. Stand for truth, stand for your family, and when the time is right, you will have your day in the sun.

Romans 8:28- And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.