Perfect Snacks For Maintaining Great Health

Perfect Snacks

What are the perfect snacks to eat for optimum health and wellness?

There is much temptation when walking down the grocery isle to grab things that look good at the time. Be warned…if you go shopping while hungry and without a purpose, you will buy exactly the opposite of what you should. This is never good for a healthy lifestyle. It requires more than this on a consistent basis to help you in your overall health goals.

Make a list of food that you have chosen for your lifestyle not what will satisfy your taste buds. Remember that dieting does not work. You will need to commit to the lifestyle you chose for health and wellness. So, before you get in the car to head off to the grocer, make a list of healthful and beneficial foods that fit in with your life style.

Good Guidelines To Live By

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Perfect Snacks

According to the American Cancer Society a perfect snacks are those with between 100-200 calories and includes a PROTEIN + UNREFINED CARBOHYDRATE.

This makes for an excellent food marriage which keeps you feeling fuller longer. Not only that, but it is very nutritious.

Take a look at the guidelines from the American Cancer Society guidelines. It is recommended that eating a healthy snack every few hours helps to fight off cancer. Who would have thought of it.

No longer do you have to wait to eat every six hours as we all were originally taught. But now the recommended snack time is MUCH better for you. You think, “no wonder I was always grabbing what was around me. I was truly hungry with no nutrition around.” Just refined carbs and refined sugars. That didn’t help with your lifestyle goals at all.

You can feel confident in this chart. It is a great way to feeling refreshed, well nourished, and feeling empowered to live a healthy lifestyle to maximize your energy levels.

If you would like to make a donation to the American Cancer Society to get a free copy of this PDF go to the American Cancer Society website and for a minimum donation of $10.00 you can download your copay today.