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The Hand That Picked The Rose

by Charlie Thibodeaux

When we see a beautiful rose, we surely see it’s beauty but rarely ever do we give much thought about the hand that picked the rose. The rose was created to be just that- beautiful, just like you. With the rose comes not only the beauty of the petals in all sorts of colors, but it also comes with it array of fragrance that adds to the pleasure of the gift. But for one to enjoy the gift, someone else needs to endure the pain that comes from the thorn that bares the beauty that someone else enjoys.

This is the hand that picked the rose.

When I was young I felt the pain that comes from the thorn pricks in life. Day in and day out, life brought much difficulty. It was this difficulty in my life that made me look beyond the thorns and search for God and who He really is. I decided to look beyond the thorns of my life so that I would see the beauty in the mess and all that lie ahead. In a bed of thorns lies an array of color and a beautiful fragrance, I just needed to only look past the pain of the thorns.

I have experience and witnessed many a terrible thing, had much need in the land between the peek and valley, but the hand that picked the rose has always showed up, comforted and provided in ways that are unimaginable.

God created me, He created a beautiful me, and he also sent His son Jesus as that gift, to come down to bear the thorns for me, to die for me, to save me, His beautiful rose, from dying.

The hand that picked the rose.

God has changed who I am. He lifted me up and rescued me from the pain of the thorns in my life. That’s not to say that there are no more thorns. But rather, when the thorns are felt, God shows me their beauty and makes them that much more easy to bare.

The hand that picked the rose.